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Erase and smooth wrinkles with BOTOX!  BOTOX Cosmetic is the most sought-after cosmetic procedure in the U.S. At Connall Cosmetic Surgery in Portland, OR, BOTOX is injected by Dr. Connall and our expert nurse injector Angela. This is done with a series of tiny injections, which will give you a rejuvenated look by smoothing crow's feet around the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, and horizontal lines across the forehead for up to four months with no downtime or surgery and little to no discomfort.

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX is made from a highly purified protein that is very safe when administered by a trained physician. A small amount is injected into the muscles that are responsible for creating your wrinkles. BOTOX inactivates the muscles, causing lines to disappear significantly. Common areas treated are the crow's feet, frown lines, laugh lines, and forehead wrinkles. A BOTOX treatment is quick and results usually last about three months. After that you may return for a follow-up injection to maintain the youthful and relaxed look created with BOTOX.

Is BOTOX® Right For Me? 

A good candidate for BOTOX treatment may be anyone looking to improve their appearance by getting rid of unwanted lines or wrinkles. It is also important that patients seeking treatment with BOTOX Cosmetic are in good physical health and who are not pregnant or nursing.  Interested in learning more? Request a consultation with Dr. Connall at our Portland, Oregon office.

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