About Brow Lift Surgery

Your preparation for brow lift will begin with a comprehensive consultation and continue with a separate preoperative evaluation.

illustration of endoscopic brow lift results

After a brow lift the eyebrows are elevated, opening up the upper eyelids creating a youthful appearance.

Preparing for Brow Lift Surgery

Dr. Connall and his team will provide a thorough assessment and information so that you can make an informed decision about your surgery.  Brow lift surgery is performed under general anesthetic and, therefore, patients must be in good health.  Depending on your medical history, we may ask that you see your primary doctor for a full medical check-up before undergoing a brow lift procedure.

Brow LIft Surgery And Face And Neck Lift

Many patients undergoing brow lift surgery also have other areas of facial aging which require treatment.  Therefore, brow lift surgery is often combined with eyelid tucks (blepharoplasty), face lift and neck lift procedures.

Brow Lift Surgery Details

The biggest decision in the technical planning of your brow lift is whether it is best performed using the limited incision endoscopic technique or if a traditional approach is needed.  Most patients are candidates for the endoscopic brow lift technique.  However, some patients may have conditions where the traditional open brow lift procedure is preferable. 

For example, in patients with elevated hairlines, a traditional technique is often best to keep the hairline in position.  This is the case because the endoscopic brow lift elevates the forehead upward and backward.  In doing so, the frontal hairline shifts backward.  Most patients with average hairlines still look normal after the endoscopic brow lift even with the upward and backward repositioning of the hairline however, in patients with high hairlines, an additional elevation of the hairline can look natural.  In such patients, the traditional brow lift procedure can be used with the scar placed along the front of the hairline so that the hairline itself would not shift backward as the forehead tissues are lifted.

illustration of endoscopic brow lift

With an endoscopic brow lift small incisions are made in the hairline to allow placement of instruments. The endoscopic provides precise visualization of the surgery

Endoscopic Brow Lift Procedure Details

After you are comfortably asleep under general anesthesia, the face and head are sterilely prepared for surgery.  Numbing medicine with adrenaline is then injected into the forehead and scalp regions.  With the endoscopic brow lift technique four or five small incisions are made in the scalp and the forehead tissues are then separated from the skull.  The tissues along the lower part of the forehead, above the eye sockets, are loosened to allow the eye brows to be lifted.  Also, the muscles between the eye brows that cause frown lines are partially removed.  By removing these muscles, the frown lines are improved.

The forehead and brows are then lifted as a unit to elevate the eyebrows into a natural position.  Great care is taken to not over elevate the eyebrows, as over elevated eye brows can look very unnatural.  After the tissues are lifted, they are secured to small biodegradable tacks, which are attached to the skull.  These tacks are called Endotines.  You may feel these small tacks under your skin after surgery.  But after about three to four months, the Endotine material will dissolve completely.

illustration of open brow lift planning

This drawing shows the classic approach to a brow lift with the incision in the hairline across the scalp. Dr. Connall uses this “open” incision in patients with high foreheads and places the incision in front of the hairline, thereby keeping the hairline in a normal position.

Open Brow Lift Procedures Details

The open brow lift procedure was the gold standard for the brow lift until the mid 1990s.  After the introduction of endoscopic brow lift surgery in the 90s, open brow lift surgery is much less frequently performed.  Typically, Dr. Connall uses the open brow lift technique in patients with high frontal hairlines and in those with severe forehead and brow skin access and droopiness.

The preparation of the surgical area is identical to that as an endoscopic brow lift.  In this case, an incision is made from the temporal area above the each ear and along the hairline at the upper part of the forehead.  The tissues are then directly elevated.  They are released along the upper parts of the eye sockets and the frown muscles are removed.  The tissues are then lifted and re-draped and the excess skin is removed.  The incision is then closed with deep dissolvable sutures and with fine external sutures. In some areas, metallic skin clips will be used to close the tissue of the scalp.

Recovery from Brow Lift Surgery

With both the endoscopic and open brow lift techniques, the hair is cleansed and washed.  Simple gauze pads are placed over then incisions and a neck and head band garment is placed to hold the dressings in position.  You will awake immediately after surgery.  You will recover at the Meridian Center for Surgical Excellence for about one hour.  Before leaving, you will be able to drink fluids and eat light snacks.  Most brow lift patients recover at home however, the Rest and Recovery center at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital is available if you desire overnight care after surgery.  Often times, the brow lift surgery is combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, especially a face and neck lift. 

It is best to take about five to seven days off from most home and work activities after brow lift surgery.  After four to five days, you will feel well and start to resume many activities.  However, there will be some swelling and bruising after surgery.  If one wants to avoid the appearance of having undergone brow lift surgery, two to three weeks after surgery will be needed out of the public eye.

See The Results Of My Brow Lift Surgery

After brow lift surgery, your eye lids will open up and the appearance of the forehead, brows, and eyes will be improved.  Also, the frown lines between the eyebrows should decrease and your ability to frown should be nearly eliminated.

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