About the Keller Funnel Implant Device


The Keller Funnel demonstrated on The Doctors TV Show April 30,2010. Watch the video of the demonstration here

Introduced to the market in 2009, the Funnel has been used successfully in more than 50,000+ augmentation and reconstruction procedures.

The Funnel is versatile in its ability to be used for both augmentation and reconstruction procedures, and can be sized to work with a variety of implants, including: smooth round; textured; form stable; pectoral and gluteal.

Designed by a plastic surgeon, The Keller Funnel™ improves the delivery of silicone gel implants during breast augmentation and reconstruction procedures. 

Today, you can have the aesthetic advantages of silicone gel implants, combined with a gentler surgical approach. 

Because every woman is different, and individual results may vary, speak with Dr. Connall about the merits of the Keller Funnel™ and why using it in your procedure may provide the following benefits: 

  • shorter incision lengths,
  • no touch technique,
  • more choices for incision placement, and
  • reduced force on the implant and incision.

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