Body-Jet Liposuction

illustration of posterior body jet liposuction

The love-handles, outer buttocks, thighs, back and arms are excellent areas for liposuction. Most of the small incisions for liposuction are well hidden.

Dr. Connall performs the most modern type of liposuction using the Body-Jet liposuction machine.  This technique provides a very safe and gentle approach to the liposuction procedure. 

The technique involves infiltrating the areas for liposuction with a numbing medicine and adrenaline.  This infiltration technique leads to optimal fat removal and decreases blood loss. 

In addition, the use of the Body-Jet and its continuous pulsating water jet at the tip of the cannula optimizes fat removal and minimizes tissue trauma.  Liposuction itself is performed with small cannulae which will allow precise sculpting of the tissues. 

A key point emphasized by Dr. Connall about liposuction is that the important thing is not what is removed, but what remains after the procedure.  That is, it is very important that the skin and underlying fat is preserved so that the skin has soft and smooth contours.  The fat immediately under the skin provides structural support for the skin that helps to keep the skin beautiful.

Gentle Liposuction with Body-Jet

The Body-Jet liposuction technique represents a true advance for patients considering liposuction.  The Body-Jet is a new liposuction system that uses pulsating water injection at the tip of the liposuction cannula (small tube).  This gentle water action dislodges the fat cells. 

illustration of mail body ject liposuction planning

Liposuction is a common procedure for men to undergo. The abdomen, chest and love-handles are usually excellent areas for liposuction in men. The pulsating water of the Body-Jet is advantageous for removing fat from the breasts.


The fat is then gently suctioned away.  Because the Body-Jet washes the fat from the tissues, there is less often less discomfort during and after surgery.  While Body-Jet liposuction can be performed with the patient awake, we usually recommend that the patient have IV sedation or general anesthesia during the liposuction procedure.  An anesthetic simply makes the procedure a more comfortable experience. 

The Body-Jet is gentle, so there is usually less swelling, bruising, and pain than with traditional liposuction.  This means there can be less down time for patients after surgery. 

With Body-Jet liposuction, Dr. Connall has found a true advance and logical progression of standard liposuction. The Body-Jet is safe, gentle, and leads to a rapid recovery for patients.  Dr. Connall is the only plastic surgeon in Oregon and southern Washington with the Body-Jet machine.

Body-Jet Liposuction Surgery Details

Dr. Connall and our entire team at the Meridian Center for Surgical Excellence have an extensive experience in treating liposuction patients.  Body-Jet liposuction is a common procedure in our practice.  Whether performed alone as a single procedure or in combination with other procedures, liposuction is performed nearly every day that Dr. Connall is operating.  Our experience and hundreds of happy liposuction patients should reassure you that you will receive optimal care results from your liposuction procedure.

Body-Jet Liposuction Technical Steps

Very small incisions about 3 mm in diameter are placed usually in the hidden areas such as the bikini line, groin, and belly button.  A very small tube is then placed to infiltrate the tissues with tumescent solution.  The tumescent solution is made up of saline, adrenaline, and local anesthetic.  The liposuction is then performed with the Body-Jet machine and cannulae.  The cannulae are small in diameter and have a spray of water at the tip.  This pulsating saline at the tip of the cannula dislodges the fat to aid in gentle fat removal.  Many, many passes of the cannulae are needed to remove the fat and sculpt the tissues.  In some cases, the patient will require special positioning.  When liposuction of the thighs is performed, the patient is placed on his/her side.  This allows precise visualization and access in sculpting the outer thighs, flanks, and buttocks.
After the Body-Jet liposuction is complete the incisions are typically closed with small external sutures which are removed about one week after the liposuction procedure.  The areas are then covered with gauze pads and a compressive garment similar to a girdle is placed.  We typically ask for our patients to wear the compressive garment for about one week.  After that, the garment becomes optional, but many patients continue to wear the garment for comfort and to decrease swelling for several weeks.

See the Results of My Body-Jet Liposuction

Your body and figure will be significantly changed after undergoing Body-Jet liposuction.  The areas of liposuction will be thinner and have improved with more youthful contours.

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